Saturday, January 16, 2010

Equals Three

I'm a very big Youtube fanatic, and I try to find as much entertainment in it as I can. I browse mostly for funny stuff, but there are other videos too. I actually learned a lot of things from Youtube. Sure, they're not really useful things, and most of them probably won't apply to my life, but it's a bliss to experience a *Youtube Loop.

-note: a 'Youtube Loop' is when you plan to watch one video, then you realize you've spent 2 hours watching other videos.

I've watched many great people make history on Youtube, but I'd like to mention a specific one that really gives me a serious case of the *LULZ.

-note: LULZ is an internet slang term for laughs.

Ray William Johnson (a.k.a. RWJ) is a Youtube celebrity with roughly 650,000 subscribers. I like to say that his show, which goes by the name of Equals Three with the logo of =3, is a simple yet satisfying series of videos that are purely meant for having a good laugh. Basically, the show is about videos on the internet that go viral, meaning people who watch it pass it on to friends, and they pass it on to their friends, and they pass it on the their families, and accomplish nothing but a good 10 second laugh. RWJ's witty remarks and vulgar choice of vocabulary make it all the more funnier.

Each episode is linked together by a 'question of the day' submitted by a fan, for which RWJ chooses the top 5 best answers to and posts them on the next video. This makes his videos get 40-50k comments each, merely because the fans want their username posted on the next video.

Here is a sample video which is one of my personal favorites.

If that didn't make you laugh, even just a little bit, I guess you have no soul. Nah, I kid you,
everybody has different types of humor. But seriously.

You should go check out his Youtube channel, I'm sure you won't regret getting in a Youtube Loop
with his videos :)

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